Everyone is invited to sign up for this fun, informal “planned potluck” dinner. Get to know others in the congregation at each others’ homes, over a delicious home cooked meal! If you haven’t heard about this event, it’s a social where you sign up to either be a host of a guest, and you will be paired up with another family/group of people from the church to have dinner together. Simple, fun and delicious!

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PLEASE NOTE: "HOSTS" are responsible for supplying the main course (with vegetables). On March 12th, you will get an email with how many people will be arriving.

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PLEASE NOTE: "GUESTS" are responsible for bringing either a dessert, salad, drink or an appetizer. On March 12th, you will get an email telling you what you are to bring and for how many people (i.e. dessert for 8) and what time you are to arrive. The address will be given to you at church on March 17th.

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